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NAWCC #0136497
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Ball Hamilton 16s 23J 999 14K Solid Gold GORGEOUS!! Lay-A-Way

Ball Hamilton 16s 23J 999 "RAILROAD" Hold

Ball Hamilton 16s 23J 998E In A Stirrup Bow Case "GORGEOUS" $4385

Ball Hamilton 18s 19J 999 BRT In 3 Colors Brown, Red, and Green "VERY RARE" $8885

Ball Hamilton 18s 21J 999 BLE Dial & Movement BEAUTIFUL & RARE $9285

Ball Hamilton 18s 17J 999 BRT In A Webb C. Ball Loaner Case No. 12 "RARE" SOLD




Dudley 14s 19j Model No. 1 In A 14K Gold Flip Open Case SN 508 "RARE" SOLD



Elgin Os 15J Model 377 H/C  $145
Elgin Os 7J Grade 320 Hunting Case $125

Elgin 12s 15J W/ Octagon Case $95

Elgin 16s 7J Grade 291 $95
Elgin 16s 19J BW Raymond 455 RAILROAD!! Hold
Elgin 16s 21J B W Raymond N-MINT $450

Elgin 18s 19J B.W.Raymond W/ Brotherhood of R.R. Trainmen Case "WOW" SOLD




Hamilton  7J 18s (Only 1100 Made) "RARE" $2200

Hamilton 11J 18s "RARE" Only 391 Made! SOLD

Hamilton 924 18s 17J W/Fancy Dial GORGEOUS!!!! Hold

Hamilton 932 18s 16J Only 600 Made "RARE" EXCELLENT CONDITION $1285

Hamilton 936 18s 17J Serial Number 564 "RARE" "RARE" "RARE" $2385

Hamilton 940 18s 21J W/John Mac Pherson Watch Inspector Mauch Chunk Dial "RARE" Hold

Hamilton 940 18s 21J 2-Tone Movement "GORGEOUS" $785

Hamilton 941 18s 21J W/Loaner Case #6 $785

Hamilton 941 18s 21J 14K Gold Case & Multi-colored Dial N-MINT $3885

Hamilton 944 18s 19J Only 6600 Made "RARE" Hold

Hamilton 946 18s 23J w/chain,t-bar,fob

"Rare!" $2165

Hamilton 946 18s 23J N-MINT "RARE"  $1995

Hamilton 946 18s 23J W/A.N. Anderson Standard Time Dial "RARE" $1885

Hamilton 947 18s 23J Only 308 Made "RARE" "RARE" "RARE" SOLD

Hamilton 950 16s 23J In A Cross Bar Case "RARE" $1885

Hamilton 950P 16s 23J  24 Hour Dial & Triple Hinged 14K Gold Case "GORGEOUS" $3485

Hamilton 950B 16s 23J BOC Case "Sharp" Gold Train  $2685
Hamilton 950B 16s 23J $2275

Hamilton 950B 16s 23J W/BOC Case, Gold Train, 24 Hour Canadian Dial $1985
Hamilton 950B 16s 23J W/24HR. DIAL SHARP!! $1985

Hamilton 950P 16s 23J Multi-colored "STAG" $2985

Hamilton 950E 16s 23J "RARE" RAILROAD $2675

Hamilton 950E 16s 23J N-MINT W/BOC Case Lay-A-Way

Hamilton 956 16s 17J Time-Pilot in a Hamilton box $465

Hamilton 960 16s 21J "RARE" $985

Hamilton 960P 16s 21J "R A R E" $1100

Hamilton 960L 16s 21J "RARE" $1125

Hamilton 965 16s 17J Only 399 Made "RARE" $1185

Hamilton 968 16s 17J "Only 923 Made "RARE" $1085

Hamilton 968 16s 17J 14K Gold Triple Hinged Case Only 923 Made "RARE" SOLD

Hamilton 969 16s 17J Pendant Set Only 812 Made "RARE" Hold

Hamilton 974 Union Special 16s 17J "RARE" $485

Hamilton 992 16s 21J  $375

Hamilton 992 16s 21J W/Pennsylvania Railroad Insignia on Case "RARE" $885

Hamilton 992 16s 21J 2-Tone Adj. for RR Service "RARE & N-MINT $2885

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J Hamilton Case Hold

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J w/Ivory Box "RARE" $1685

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J W/Box!! SOLD

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J W/ Mauve Colored Box "RARE" $1685

Hamilton 992E 16s 21J 10K GF Case $860

Hamilton 993 16s 21J 14K H/C "R A R E" WOW!!! SOLD

Hamilton 993 16s 21J 14K Gold Multi-colored Box Hinge Case W/Stag FABULOUS!!!!$4285

Lancaster 18s 7J "DENVER" In A Stainless Steel Hunting Case $325






Illinois 18s 21J Bunn Special 2-Tone W/14K Multi-Colored Box Hinge Case W/Stag SOLD




Rockford 18s 17J Winnabago W/Northern Pacific Dial Logo


Rockford 18s 17J C & O Special w/locomotive on back SOLD



Waltham 16s 15J Royal W/Multi-Colored Dial in H/C Lay-A-Way

Waltham 16s 21J Riverside W/Orig. chain, knife, receipt, Box Getz Jewelers Cincinnati, Ohio. $685

Waltham 12s 19J Riverside 14K W/HARLEY LOGO $965

Waltham 16s 21J Crescent Street W/Multi-colored Gold & 8 Diamonds W/ 3 Horseheads & Horseshoes MAGNIFICENT!!!$6885

Waltham 16s 23J Vanguard Wind Indicator $1485

Waltham 16s 23J Vanguard Wind Indicator Model 1908 $1485

Waltham 18s 15J Multi-Colored Dial N-MINT Hold

Waltham 18s 11J Model 57 "Civil War Era" $775

Waltham 18s 17J "Canadian Pacific Railway" Model 1883 $1485

Waltham 18s 17J Model 1883 "Santa Fe Route"  $1675

Waltham 18s 17J "Santa Fe Route"  $1675

Waltham 18s 21J "PENNSYLVANIA SPECIAL" "RARE" $4885 



Buren W. Co. Imperial 12s 7J $95
English 18s 13J 18K in Box Hold

Hampden 6s 15J ENAMELED CASE GORGEOUS!!! $585

New England Watch Co. 16s 4J $65

Swiss Os Pin Set Multi-Colored Dial!! $125
Swiss 6s Multi-Colored Dial Silver Case $125



South Bend 12s 19J 429 W/Octagon Case $125




Robin of Paris 18K Verge Fusee SOLD





If you are looking for something special, please let me know, I may have it in my safety deposit boxes.

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