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NAWCC #0136497
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Ball Hamilton 16s 23J 999 14K Solid Gold GORGEOUS!! Lay-A-Way

Ball Hamilton 16s 21J 999B In An Aluminum Box & Stirrup Bow Ball Case "RARE" Hold

Ball Hamilton 16s 23J 998E In A Stirrup Bow Case "GORGEOUS" $3385

Ball Hamilton 18s 19J 999 BRT In 3 Colors Brown, Red, and Green A 14K Gold Chain & BRT Fob Are Included "VERY RARE" $7885

Ball Hamilton 18s 21J 999 BLE Dial & Movement BEAUTIFUL & RARE $8285







Elgin Os 15J Model 377 H/C  $145
Elgin Os 7J Grade 320 Hunting Case $125

Elgin 12s 15J W/ Octagon Case $95

Elgin 16s 7J Grade 291 $95
Elgin 16s 21J B W Raymond N-MINT





Hamilton 7J 18s (Only 1100 Made) "RARE" $2200

Hamilton  7J 18s In A Triple Hinged Dueber Silverine Case Only 1100 Made "RARE" & N-MINT GORGEOUS!! $3200

Hamilton 923 18s 15J (Only 1260 Made)Mermod Jaccard & Co. St. Louis Dial & Movement Marked Standard, St. Louis "RARE" $2285

Hamilton 931 18s 16J Multi-Colored Dial In A Triple Hinged 14K Gold Case "GORGEOUS" Hold

Hamilton 932 18s 16J Only 600 Made "RARE" EXCELLENT CONDITION SOLD

Hamilton 936 18s 17J Serial Number 564 "RARE" "RARE" "RARE" $2385

Hamilton 940 18s 21J 2-Tone Mvmt. W/Multi-colored Fancy Dial & Triple Hinged GF Case STUNNING!!! $1685

Hamilton 940 18s 21J 2-Tone Movement "GORGEOUS" $785

Hamilton 941 18s 21J 14K Gold Case & Multi-colored Dial N-MINT $3885

Hamilton 946 18s 23J w/chain,t-bar,fob

"Rare!" $2165

Hamilton 946 18s 23J N-MINT "RARE"  SOLD

Hamilton 946 18s 23J W/A.N. Anderson Standard Time Dial "RARE" $1885

Hamilton 947 18s 23J Only 308 Made "RARE" In A Triple Hinged 14K Gold case with Stag. Marked 947 "RARE" $19,000

Hamilton 950P 16s 23J In A 14K Gold S/O Case Only 4401 Made BEAUTIFUL!! $2885

Hamilton 950P 16s 23J  24 Hour Dial & Triple Hinged 14K Gold Case "GORGEOUS" $3485

Hamilton 950B 16s 23J W/BOC Case, Gold Train, 24 Hour Canadian Dial Hold
Hamilton 950B 16s 23J W/24HR. DIAL SHARP!! $1985

Hamilton 950P 16s 23J Multi-colored "STAG" $2985

Hamilton 950E 16s 23J "RARE" RAILROAD $2675

Hamilton 950E 16s 23J N-MINT W/BOC Case Lay-A-Way

Hamilton 951 16s 23J Pendant Set In A Triple Hinged 14K Gold Case "Only 44 Made" "RARE" "RARE" "RARE" $22,500

Hamilton 956 16s 17J Time-Pilot in a Hamilton box $465

Hamilton 960 16s 21J "RARE" SOLD

Hamilton 960P 16s 21J "R A R E" Hold

Hamilton 960P 16s 21J In A 14K Gold Triple Hinged Case Only 1918 Made "RARE" $2185

Hamilton 960L 16s 21J "RARE" Lay-A-Way

Hamilton 961L 16s 21J In A Triple Hinged 14K Gold Case Only 1100 Made "RARE" SOLD

Hamilton 965 16s 17J Only 399 Made "RARE" SOLD

Hamilton 968 16s 17J "Only 923 Made "RARE" $1085

Hamilton 974 Union Special 16s 17J "RARE" $485

Hamilton 992 16s 21J  $375

Hamilton 992 16s 21J W/Pennsylvania Railroad Insignia on Case "RARE" $885

Hamilton 992 16s 21J 2-Tone Adj. for RR Service "RARE & N-MINT $2885

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J In Ivory Box $885

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J w/Ivory Box "RARE" Hold

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J In Both Boxes With Matching Serial Numbers "RARE" $1185

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J In Box W/Matching Serial Numbers, Pouch, Guarantee, Etc. $1185

Hamilton 992B 16s 21J W/ Mauve Colored Box "RARE" SOLD

Hamilton 3992B 16s 22J Navigation Master Military Watch "RARE" Hold

Hamilton 992E 16s 21J 10K GF Case $860

Hamilton 993 16s 21J 14K Gold Multi-colored Box Hinge Case W/Stag FABULOUS!!!! Hold

Hamilton 910 12s 17J In Both ORIGINAL BOXES & Hamilton S/O Case $485

Lancaster 18s 7J "DENVER" In A Stainless Steel Hunting Case $325






Illinois 18s 21J Bunn Special 2-Tone W/14K Multi-Colored Box Hinge Case W/Stag SOLD






Waltham 16s 15J Royal W/Multi-Colored Dial in H/C Lay-A-Way

Waltham 16s 15J Model 1908 Grade 620 In A PRISTINE 14K Gold Triple Hinged Case STUNNING!! $2885

Waltham 16s 21J Riverside W/Orig. chain, knife, receipt, Box Getz Jewelers Cincinnati, Ohio. $685

Waltham 12s 19J Riverside 14K W/HARLEY LOGO SOLD

Waltham 16s 21J Crescent Street W/Multi-colored Gold & 8 Diamonds W/ 3 Horseheads & Horseshoes MAGNIFICENT!!!Hold

Waltham 16s 23J Vanguard Wind Indicator $1485

Waltham 16s 23J Vanguard Wind Indicator Model 1908 $1485

Waltham 18s 11J Model 57 "Civil War Era" $775

Waltham 18s 15J Model 57 Wm. Ellery "Civil War Era" 4 oz. Coin Silver Case "RARE" $885

Waltham 18s 17J "Canadian Pacific Railway" Model 1883 $1485

Waltham 18s 17J Model 1883 "Santa Fe Route"  $1675

Waltham 18s 17J "Santa Fe Route"  $1675

Waltham 18s 21J "PENNSYLVANIA SPECIAL" "RARE" $4885 



Buren W. Co. Imperial 12s 7J $95
English 18s 13J 18K in Box SOLD

Hampden 6s 15J ENAMELED CASE GORGEOUS!!! $585

New England Watch Co. 16s 4J $65

Swiss Os Pin Set Multi-Colored Dial!! $125
Swiss 6s Multi-Colored Dial Silver Case $125



South Bend 12s 19J 429 W/Octagon Case $125




Robin of Paris 18K Verge Fusee SOLD





Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen Fob $125


If you are looking for something special, please let me know, I may have it in my safety deposit boxes.


If you would like additional Pictures, please email me through the order form.



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